Portsche's Fine Jewelry is your place for expert appraisal services. Not only can our skilled associates recognize nearly any gemstone at a glance, our goldsmiths can use advanced techniques to determine the exact weight and carat of any precious metals.

An appraisal from Portsche's can go a long way when you're trying to sell your old wedding ring or estate jewelry. Many diamonds need to be certified for their quality and origin, so if you're lacking such paperwork, our associates do their best to find it for you. Additionally, an appraisal holds much more weight at auction or in online marketplaces. And if you want to sell to us, it will almost certainly get you a better price!

When you schedule your appraisal with us, you agree to have your jewelry looked after by us for a while until we can perform the necessary tests and certifications. We keep it safe in our vault at all other times.

If it's a particularly unusual piece, or particularly valuable, Philip Portsche might meet with you to discuss the appraised value, or if you're interested, to arrange purchasing. Mr. Portsche is only available for this work Tuesday through Thursday, so if there's a delay on your appraisal, that could be the cause.

All appraisals are $150 regardless of the piece, and if you wish, we're happy to clean your item for you while its within our care.

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