Our Story

Portsche's was dreamed up in a coffee shop way back in 2008. We knew it was crazy to start a business then, with the economy in shambles, but for some reason we felt we had to try it anyway. Determination and a real belief in doing good guided us to where we are today, and they continue to define how we've grown our family and our business as we strive to uplift the next generation of business owners, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs.

The idea has always been a business driven by our values: good old-fashioned honesty, integrity, and responsibility  the spirit of entrepreneurship and industry, and a whole lot of faith. We like to think these can be found not just in our services but in our family and our staff, and they're the reason our work has earned its sterling reputation. At Portsche's, we invest in these virtues and in the people who work with us.

The dream that is today Portsche's Fine Jewelry took shape at that little coffee shop table. Through prayer and perseverance, we learned to build a company that serves not just excellent craftsmanship but exceptional love. Those days remind us: "do not despise these small beginnings," because we found that through hard work and prayer, it is possible to build something not just from scratch but out of nothing at all.