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Lab-Grown Diamonds

As beautiful as they are, earth-mined diamonds can be expensive, rare, imperfect, and hard on the environment. Even though we at Portsche's love natural diamonds, we also love "synthetic diamonds," which are diamonds grown in a laboratory. An ever-more-popular option, these lab-grown diamonds have many of the best qualities of natural diamonds for a more approachable price.

A flawless diamond mined from the earth is rare, and for that reason it carries a higher price tag. Although Portsche's offers diamonds suitable for every budget, some might prefer a lab-grown diamond because they can achieve the same degree of clarity and brilliance without exceeding their budget. Lab-grown diamonds are created under very precise conditions, and for this reason there is more control over the outcome. Whether you're looking for a salt & pepper diamond, a colored diamond, or a perfectly clear one, Portsche's can make it happen.

There is a misconception that "synthetic" diamonds are somehow not real because they're man-made, but this isn't true. These diamonds have the same chemical composition as their mined counterparts --- but without the mine. For this reason, many choose lab-grown diamonds for their reduced environmental impact. And even though Portsche's is a strict adherent of the Kimberly Process, we are happy to admit that lab-grown diamonds are inherently "conflict-free," meaning that laborers and people in mining communities were not exploited to increase profit margins before the diamond reached you.

All told, there are many reasons for choosing a lab-grown diamond, including cost, style, taste, or concern for the environment. At Portsche's, it's our job to find a stone that checks all your boxes while staying in budget, and from there, so you can design your dream engagement ring or fashion piece without breaking the bank.

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