Our Brands

We like to do things a little differently here; that means no big brands, no cookie cutter designs, and no pushy sales tactics. Our brand partners are folks who see things the same way, and we're proud to show them off for you here.

Check out style from Goshwara, and Indian brand by Sweta Jain, specializing in bold, colorful, and beautiful pieces. Pay special attention to their London Blue Topaz earrings, their step-cut emerald necklaces, their amethyst earrings, and their rings of citrine and prasiolite.

For men, we currently feature the expressive and moody work of King Baby, a brand that emphasizes rugged, masculine jewelry. King Baby is best known for their bullet necklaces and cross necklaces, as well as for large, gold and silver rings featuring skulls and crosses.

Local to Idaho and the Northwest is Parle, a brand renowned for their exquisite and lush Montana sapphires and watermelon tourmaline. Parle provides us with exceedingly elegant pieces that for their quality are truly a steal. Make sure to check out their Montana sapphire earrings and diamond-encrusted watermelon tourmaline pendants.

Last but certainly not least are our designs by none other than Philip Portsche himself. Philip Portsche is a master goldsmith with over a decade of experience, and though he is capable of creating the most unbelievable pieces when asked, his tastes often remain with the simple and understated; except when it comes to men's jewelry. Check out the collection!

  • A Goshwara morganite earrings and necklace set on marble counter
  • King Baby at Portsche's
  • Ornate Parlé necklace with garnets and emeralds, worn by a model
  • Philip Portsche custom diamond engagment ring for his wife, Megan Portsche